By focusing on technology-driven methods of coordination and digital-fabrication, Eastern Millwork is able to strategically innovate the construction industry by improving data management and collaboration. EMI has become a leader in BIM technology by developing custom, in-house software that allows them to engineer large-capacity, custom projects as well as track and distribute information to all the necessary entities through the entire construction and installation process. This is done by making information easily accessible to all participants of the building process. This is especially important on job sites and is achieved through bar-code scanners and handheld devices that track and manage data and drawings. Advanced machining and 3D modeling technologies have existed for decades. By combining these processes through meticulous data management as well as developing new ways of gathering accurate field data, EMI has managed to create a shift in the way building components are delivered on time and at a high level of quality. By forging a connection between field installation and the 3D modeling interfaces that engineers and designers use, EMI has successfully integrated BIM technology into the craftsmanship of woodworking.