Case Study

Madison Square Garden Luxury Suite Renovation – Prefabrication and Sequencing

In collaboration with CASE_logo

In this proposal for high-end suites at Madison Square Garden, Eastern Millwork, Inc. attempted to use pre-fabricated wall modules in order to decrease installation time and increase quality. The modules would include all electrical and plumbing rough-ins prior to arriving on site. This, in addition to minimal field cutting and as few joints between modules as possible, ensures that all field work is exclusively assembly and not fabrication. This means that any mistakes or complications can be worked out beforehand in a clean shop where time and space are not as critical as on a job site. This also means that the schedule can be more precisely planned and executed because once the modules arrive on site, minimal work has to be done to ensure a quality final product.


CASE Design was brought on to help visualize the construction sequencing. This was important because simply showing the final product or typical shop drawings could not illustrate the temporal nature of the installation and delivery process.