EMI_MC2In an effort to increase quality and reduce cost, Eastern Millwork, Inc. attempts to fabricate and assemble as much as possible in our facility under controlled conditions. This enables us to be in full control of all the parts as well as the assembly of all the products without any extraneous forces of a job site. Fabricating and assembling as much as possible before products are shipped to a job site is not only beneficial for our case-goods and cabinetry, but especially for custom projects where no two pieces are alike and controlling the sequencing and assembly before they arrive in the field is critical.

Where precision and detail are everything to the quality of the finished product, being able to build the majority of our projects inside our shop reduces errors and means fewer joints and parts to assemble in the field.

Two essential parts of successful prefabrication are the control of data and properly sequenced shipping and packaging. If parts and products are precisely cut and assembled, but then sent to the field in the wrong order or to the wrong place, just as much money would be spent wasting time than if generic parts were sent to the field and cut to the correct size. For this reason, EMI places a great amount of importance on in labeling and software so that even the smallest part can constantly be tracked and found at any given point in time.

Many misconceptions exist as to what “prefabrication” actually is. Most people think of hundreds of identical houses, all built at reduced quality but at a low cost and can be built in large numbers. There is also the misconception that high-quality, custom jobs cannot be produced in large volumes; this is no longer the case. With contemporary CNC milling machines and automated workflows, thousands of unique pieces can be cut and fabricated in the same amount, if not less, time than traditional methods. Prefabrication does not mean that all of the parts in a project must be the same, or produced in a small volume. By controlling the conditions in which parts are fabricated and assembled, quality can be increased and guaranteed throughout the construction process; and with contemporary tools, safety and precision never have to be sacrificed for complex projects.



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